Published: 28 January 2022

It's always useful to know what your dog's normal heart rate should be so that you can recognise if it's beating faster or slower than usual. Here's a rough guide that should help you with a starting point.

  • Small breed dogs (<15kg): 100-220 beats per minute.
  • Medium to large breed dogs (>15kg): 60-180 beats per minute.
  • Puppy (until 1 year old): 60-220 beats per minute.
  • Cats: 140-220 beats per minute.

We discuss this and other health considerations on our First Aid for Dogs course. Join us and learn how to prevent accidents and treat your dog should the worst happen. We've courses coming up in Brighton, Guildford, London, Angmering and via Zoom, or get together with fellow dog-walkers or colleagues and host your own course! Alternatively, learn at your own pace from home with our online distance learning course.

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