Published: 18 January 2022

Injuries to paws are very common especially with dogs. Small thorns and stones can get stuck in pads or between pads. These can be removed using tweezers from as close to the skin as possible.

As animals are active they will want to walk on the affected leg and you may find that they simply hold the leg up and walk on three legs. Restraint and stressing the dog can cause more problems so let them carry on as they wish.

Snow and ice can also cause pain in a dog's paws. There can be freezing between the pads and a dog will limp or hold the paw off the ground. You will need to carefully remove any snow and slowly warm and dry the paw in warm (not hot) water.

There are also problems in hot weather. If pavements are particularly hot ie you can't leave the back of your hand on it for 5 seconds, it's too hot for your dog's paws.

We discuss paw problems, along with other common ailments and emergency first aid approaches on our First Aid for Dogs course. Join us at a venue in London, Brighton, Angmering (between Worthing and Littlehampton) and Guildford in Surrey. We've a selection of dates across the coming months.* If our face-to-face courses aren't for you, join us on our Zoom course. Learn from home with your best friend by your side!

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