One in four pets would survive if just one first aid pet technique was applied before getting to an emergency vet (American Animal Hospital Association).

If your dog choked on something would you really know what to do? Can you recognise the signs of an ill dog?

A report by MORI in 2001 found that one in five drivers (21%), around 6.3 million, have knocked a cat or dog down while driving in their car and a quarter of those (about 1.5 million) confessed to simply driving off without checking to see if the animal was alright or to report the incident.

This works out at over 100,000 cats and dogs hit by cars per year. Would you know how to deal with a dog involved in an RTA?

60% of all vet visits are emergency in nature and statistics show that preventable accidents are the leading cause of death among pre-senior dogs and cats.