Published: 06 June 2017

It's time to meet another of our canine chums, and this time it's Jeff who lives with his family in London. In fact, we'll be meeting his Mummy Hannah in an interview spot soon. In the meantime, it's over to you Jeff...

Name: Jeff
Age: 5
Lives: London
What do you do? Look cute and be the family clown
How long have you lived with your human? 1.5 years
What’s your favourite pass time? Sleeping, and playing with any sheep shaped cuddly toys
Where’s your favourite walking spot? Being a Mountain Shihtzu in the Lake District. I also love walking on beaches, as long as I stay just by the shore so I won't get too wet
What are your 'pet' hates? Pigeons landing on the top of our conservatory, and Daddy moving the bed covers when I'm already comfy
What do you like best about your human? I knew I was in my forever pack as soon as Mummy and Daddy came to the rescue centre. I'm especially happy for being allowed on the big bed to enjoy snuggles
Why do you think learning first aid for dogs was important to you? It's vital that all fur-parents know how to care for us. Mummy has unfortunately had to look after me after another dog attacked me, and she knows how important it was to take the right action swiftly.
What would be the most valuable piece of information a human could learn on the first aid for dogs course? Techniques for emergency first aid and ensuring that conditions do not get even worse. Fur-parents need to keep us safe
What qualities do you think are important in a dog owner? Reliability, ability to give lots of loving and also respect my space when I need it
Who's your favourite famous pooch and why? Peggy, Miranda Hart's dog. She looks a bit like me and it would be fun
Which famous person would you most like to be walked by? Miranda Hart, so I meet Peggy :)

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