Published: 20 September 2017

Recently we met Jeff as part of our Powwow with a Bow Wow feature. Here we meet his mummy, Hannah Man, who came along to our First Aid for Dogs course.

Name: Hannah
Lives: London
What do you do? Dog mummy
How long have you been a dog owner? Jeff is my first dog personally, but we have always had dogs within my family
What made you want to become a dog owner etc? I loved looking after our family dogs, and couldn't wait to have my own dog as soon as I had the right schedule and home. It took some time but I wanted to be responsible
Have you always been a dog owner etc? Whilst I was waiting for the right schedule and home for a dog, I rescued hamsters. I have had 8 so far. I love having family pets, they make a real home
What’s your favourite part of your job? Being a dog owner means you get to meet lots of people, take regular exercise and have a lots of fun. Knowing you've made a difference to a dog's life means so much, and he makes such a difference to our lives as well
Why did you think learning first aid for dogs was important to you? I have undertaken first aid courses for humans. As Jeff is a member of my family I thought it only right that I be as responsible as I can for him and his friends too
What was the most valuable piece of information your gained from the first aid for dogs course? It was really valuable to consider how to give first aid to various dog breeds, taking consideration of their physical differences. The teacher also taught us about how we can 'make do' with what we have to hand if emergency first aid is required during a walk in the countryside. All of this is really useful to think about beforehand, rather than at the time.
What qualities do you think are important in a dog owner? I think it's vital for dog owners to be responsible, aware of how each dog has quirks and also be able to show them a lot of love. They are part of our family pack
Have you learnt anything surprising about dogs from having one? Their loyalty is so strong and never waivers
What’s your top tip for caring for dogs? It's important to give your dogs space when they want it, and ensure that you maintain a careful grooming schedule (especially for Shihtzus)
Have you had an amusing experiences in your work as as a dog owner? Jeff and his corgi friend Kobi came along to my countryside hen do. The event took a surprise turn when Kobi started to roll about in a huge cow pat, and Jeff started eating another getting it all over his beard. There was quite a bit to clean up afterwards!
Which dog would you most like to walk or which famous person’s dog would you most like to walk? I would like to take Jeff on a walk with Monty Don's dog Nigel. He always seems to be chilled out and makes some very funny tweets.

Thank you Hannah. It was great to meet you.

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