Published: 16 May 2017

It's time to meet another of our canine friends and this time it's Stan. Welcome Stan!

Name: Stan or Stanley
Age: 1, I think
Where do you live? France
What do you do? I dig holes
How long have you lived with your human family? Nine months. I was abandoned by the side of the road when I was roughly 3 months old. I had bites on my head and shoulders and the pads on my paws had been burnt to the raw skin. (The vet thinks he was chained with other dogs on concrete in the sun.)
What’s your favourite pass-time? Being brushed and being with the kids.
Where’s your favourite walking spot? By the river, in the mountains, and in the villages.
What are your 'pet' hates? When the kids go to school!
What do you like best about your human? Cuddles and food.
Why do you think learning first aid for dogs was important to you? I'd like to know for my human friends to know what to do in an emergency.
What would be the most valuable piece of information a human could learn on the first aid for dogs course? CPR.
What qualities do you think are important in a dog owner? Love, patience and a sense of humour.
Who's your favourite famous pooch and why? Hooch from Turner and Hooch - I love big dogs.
Which famous person would you most like to be walked by? I LOVE to run beside my children friends when they're on their bikes, so probably a famous mountain biker!

Thanks Stan for answering our questions. Stan lives with Sally, who's also a member of the First Aid for Dogs team, so you may well have spoken to her on the phone if you've called the office! Would you or your doggy pal like to feature in our interview slot? Just drop an email to

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