Published: 20 July 2018

Meet Allison who is a dog-owner of many years! She also runs a monthly Pug meet up in Tillgate Park in Crawley, and she attends accompanied by Gizzi the Pug.

Name: Allison Bray

Lives: Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex

What do you do? Dog owner and I also run a monthly pug meet/ walk

How long have you been a dog owner for? Over twenty years

What made you want to become a dog owner? My love of dogs

What do you do when you’re not looking after your dog? I run my own domestic service business and run the monthly pug meet / walk

What’s your favourite part of your job? Meeting so many lovely dogs and owners

How do you keep your skills up to date? I attend as many pug events as possible

Why did you think learning first aid for dogs was important to you? A dog fell into the lake on one of our walks and went under

What was the most valuable piece of information you gained from the First Aid for Dogs course? CPR, after my previous experience

What qualities do you think are important in a dog owner? Calmness, authority and the means to communicate with both dogs and humans

Have you learnt anything surprising about dogs from being around them? Yes: how attentive a Pug can be and how relaxing owning one is

Have you had any amusing experiences in your life a dog owner? Yes: training our Pug to be an assistance dog

Which dog, or famous person’s dog, would you most like to walk? We met Peter Andre last week and he is such a dog person, I would certainly like to meet his dog.

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