Published: 28 June 2019

It goes without saying that dogs are an important part of the First Aid for Dogs family, which is why we like to give them their moment in the spotlight too! Today we're going to meet Bella who lives with First Aid for Dogs' founder Julie Cleasby and her family.

Name: Bella
Age: 8
Lives: Angmering, West Sussex
What do you do? Deliveries alert monitor - I woof a lot! Model for First Aid for Dogs' manual.
How long have you lived with your human? Since a pup. More recently two little humans joined us.
What's your favourite past-time? I love walking in mud and also taking a quick dip in the sea.
Where's your favourite walking spot? I love the beach! I grew up in Brighton and Hove and so I love chasing stones. I also love a quick swim irrespective of the time of year.
What are your 'pet' hates? The postman, Amazon delivery people, and dogs with big hair!
What do you like best about your human? The cuddles and I love doing tricks
Why do you think learning first aid for dogs was important to you? I am a typical spaniel and have my nose to the ground when out walking. I picked up a chicken bone which got stuck in my throat and my human, being a pet First Aid Instructor knew what to do and managed to dislodge it. That probably saved my life!
What would be the the most valuable piece of information a human could learn on the First Aid for Dogs course? Keep calm and keep talking to us. It make us feel safe when we are worried or injured.
What qualities do you think are important in a dog owner? A love for dogs, a love for walking and lots of fun.
Who's your favourite famous pooch and why? I love Scooby Doo - like me he has his snout to the ground and gets lots of Scooby snacks.
Which famous person would you most like to be walked by? This is a tricky one as my owner would be my first choice!

Bella is part of the First Aid for Dogs team - see if you can spot her around the website! Alternatively, she's on Facebook so you can find her here.

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