Published: 03 July 2022

With the weather warming up, now's the time to bone up on how to keep your dog cool this summer. Our top ten tips are below. Feel totally prepared in dealing with any canine emergency - whether heat related or otherwise - by joining us on one of our First Aid for Dogs courses in Sussex (Brighton & Hove or Angmering), Surrey (Guildford), by Zoom or at your own pace from home on our distance learning course.

  1. Walk your dog in the coolness of the early morning or evening, especially on very hot days.

  2. Let them splash about. If you are able to walk in areas where there is safe access to water such as calm seas, safe ponds or garden paddling pools, let your furry friend have a splash around.

  3. If your dog seems to be heating up, mist some water on their face and paws to help them cool down and get them into shade immediately.

  4. Make sure they have access to a number of sources of water. Have bowls inside and out and remember they will need to drink more in the hotter weather - just like us!

  5. Give them shade and, if it's very hot, keep them inside. Your dog may like lounging in the sun but be aware they can overheat and also, potentially, get sun burnt.

  6. Use 'Pet Cool Pads' for them to lie on. These can be great as they cool down with the pressure of the dog on them and can be bought online and from most pet stores. Wetting a towel or blanket for your doggie to lie on can also be nice.

  7. Black or dark-coloured dogs can become overheated as they absorb more of the sun’s rays than a light coloured dog. Keep black dogs in the shade on hot days.

  8. Offer cooling treats, such as ice to play with or frozen cucumber.

  9. Be prepared and assess the weather to see if it's likely to be a hot day before taking your dog out for the day. If you do take your dog out, make sure you have access to lots of water and shade.

  10. Don't be silly. Never leave your dog in a car - this can be fatal if the temperature rises rapidly.

If you are concerned your pet may have overheated or suffering from heat stroke contact your vet immediately.

We discuss this and other safety considerations on our First Aid for Dogs course so do book your place soon, and feel prepared to deal with first aid emergencies. We have courses running in Brighton & Hove, Angmering and Guildford.

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