Published: 20 March 2018

We are pleased to welcome a new member to our teaching team: Jan. She has lots experience teaching first aid and living with dogs so has all the key requisites for being an excellent instructor! Over to you Jan...

Name: Jan Corner

Lives: Chichester

What do you do? Own and run my own training business.

How long have you been a dog owner? All my life, although currently do not have one.

What made you want to become a dog owner? I love all animals, and with dogs, I love the loyalty, companionship and naughtiness!

Have you always been a dog owner? Yes, I've always had dogs at home.

What’s your favourite part of your job? I love talking to the owners about their dogs, and the stories that they tell. I too learn a lot from them! Every day is a school day!

How do you keep your skills up to date? Do you have any favourite websites that you use? I read a lot of websites including Blue Cross, Dogs Trust and RSPCA.

Why do you think learning first aid for dogs is so important for dog owners? We know that we have the 999 emergency service for our fellow humans, but not for our furry best friends. Being able to teach people how they can help their pet in an emergency, and potentially save their life is an amazing feeling

What qualities do you think are important in a dog owner? Love, patience and understanding

Have you learnt anything surprising about dogs from having one? Never under estimate them!

What’s your top tip for caring for dogs? Training! Getting the dog to be a sociable pup and understand the rules they need to know

Have you had an amusing experiences in you life as a dog owner? So many! I had a Border Collie (Ben) for 14 years and a Collie cross (Jackson) for 13 years. Those two certainly kept me on my toes. One memorably funny thing was that Ben was scared of sheep!

Which dog would you most like to walk? Oh...that's a tough one, because I love all dogs! Maybe a walk with the Queen and the corgis... See if she has any top tips!

Thanks Jan! Jan is now teaching on our First Aid for Dogs courses. Check out the dates and locations and get booking!

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