Drawing on our expertise with first aid courses for babies and infants, the similarities between human and canine first aid procedures and our love of dogs First Aid for Dogs was born.

Empowering, inspiring, accredited and fun dog first aid courses for dog owners and canine professionals aimed at keeping our four legged friends safe and healthy in case of medical emergencies.

First Aid for Dogs is CPD accredited. CPD provider: 21245 (2017-2019) www.cpdstandards.com/firstaidfordogs


Our courses
Dog first aid courses

As a dog lover, dog owner or dog professional learn basic life saving and first aid techniques, such as CPR, choking and poisoning in our CPD accredited 3 hour…

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Canine first aid courses for children (5-11 year olds)

These two hour courses are designed to teach children who are dog owners or may like to be dog owners basic life saving and first aid techniques, such as CPR,…

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Host your own course

All of our first aid for dogs courses can can take place in your home, workplace, group or pet care centre which means that you get a cost effective and…

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Blog: all the latest news and information from First Aid for Dogs Blog archive

Published: 27 January 2018

At First Aid for Dogs we are wagging our tails with excitement as we have our canine first aid course running in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Our dog first aid course is great for pet…

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Published: 23 January 2018

Dog first aid courses for children

Did you know that, as well as our regular First Aid for Dogs open courses, we also run two hour, in-house courses for children and young people? The courses are aimed at children…

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Published: 18 January 2018

What's a dog's normal heat rate?

It's always useful to know what your dog's normal heart rate should be so that you can recognise if it's beating faster or slower than usual. Here's a rough guide that should…

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Published: 12 January 2018

At First Aid for Dogs we are wagging our tails with excitement as we have our canine first aid course running in London Victoria, Central London. Our dog first aid course is great…

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Published: 06 December 2017

Give the gift of a life-saving skill

Some people can be very tricky to buy presents for. If your loved one is a dog owner, why not buy them a First Aid for Dogs course as a Christmas present? You'll be giving someone…

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Published: 05 December 2017

Quirky presents for your pampered pooch

Wondering what to get your pampered pooch this Christmas? An RSPCA survey found that animal lovers spend about £300 million pampering their pets at Christmas. It also found that …

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Published: 02 December 2017

Keeping your pets safe over Christmas

With wintery weather upon us and Christmas coming up, there are a number of changes to our environments that can mean danger for our pets, especially dogs which are out and…

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Published: 28 November 2017

Student spotlight: Kimberley

Recently we met Buffa, the dog with a blog, in our Powwow with a Bow Wow feature. Here we meet Kimberley, who lives with Buffa! Name: Kimberley Lives: North London What do you…

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Published: 15 November 2017

What is Alabama Rot?

Alabama Rot has become a potential risk for dogs in the last few years. The disease’s actual name is Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV), but is commonly known as ‘…

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Published: 12 October 2017

Keep Bonfire Night stress-free for dogs

It’s that time of year that many dog (and other pet) owners fear - when the fireworks start to appear. With Bonfire Night coming up soon, and then the run up to Christmas and the n…

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Published: 09 July 2017

First aid for dogs: burns

Hopefully most burns are preventable, and you can find out more about accident prevention on our First Aid for Dogs course. However, here's some pointers as to how to deal with…

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Published: 21 September 2017

Autumn hazards for dogs

With summer coming to its end for another year, we welcome the beautiful season of autumn. Whilst we may all enjoy the changing colours of the trees and snuggling down on the sofa…

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As a pet owner I found this course to be very informative and would highly recommend it to all dog owners. The instruction made it easy to understand.

This course is useful for anyone involved with dogs as a business or as an owner. I learned so much from the course and also some useful tips from other people on the course.

For anyone who looks after a dog as a pet or in a professional capacity I highly recommend First Aid for Dogs! I feel much more comfortable knowing that I could do something to help them in different situations rather than not knowing what to do and feeling useless! Brilliant course!

Very pleased to have completed the canine first aid course with Julie and colleagues. It was a very informative morning, clearly delivered with lots of opportunity to practice and ask questions .
Highly recommended!

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it was very informative and I learnt a lot. I'm a dog walker so found it beneficial but I would recommend taking this course even if you're a dog owner, you never know, you could save your dogs life one day.

First of all this course is a must for any pet owner, just to take a few hours of your time can save your pets life. Very clear and easy to understand, hands on and not just watching. I am so glad i done this course, thank you!

I really enjoyed this course, the instructor was very friendly and I found it very informative. I'm a dog walker and feel that after being on this course I would feel more than confident if anything happened to one of the dogs. Well presented and good value for money, I would definitely recommend this course for all dog lovers.

It was really well explained, enjoyable and hands on. I really felt that I learnt everything in the event of an emergency. I would recommend all dog owners and people who work with dogs to do this course.