Published: 10 March 2022

Sometimes, in order to treat or check a pet, you need to restrain it in order to help. This needs to be done in a safe manner. This skill is a last resort and only if needed and you are best to take advice on this from a vet or animal professional.

We cover this aspect of first aid on our First Aid for Dogs course, which we advise all dog owners and professionals to attend.

You may need to wrap the animal in a blanket or towel. Talk to the animal to calm them down as much as possible.

You may in some cases need to muzzle a dog to avoid getting bitten.

If you do have to muzzle a dog then do this carefully and make sure you:

  1. Do not use on animals with a respiratory problem
  2. Do not use if there is any damage to the nose or mouth
  3. Do not over tighten
  4. Check it very frequently to make sure it is not too tight
  5. Remove it as soon as possible
  6. Remove to allow the dog to drink

Attendees on our First Aid for Dogs course will learn how to make an emergency muzzle using a leash, piece of fabric or rope. Consider attending the course if you would like to be fully prepared in an emergency. We've courses running in Sussex, Surrey, London and on Zoom Check out the dates now.

As well as our face-to-face courses, we also have an online First Aid for Dogs course too. With the online version you can learn at your own pace from home with our comprehensive course. Priced at just £25, it’s full of essential information and guidance on keeping your dog safe and how to react in an emergency. Take a look at all the options for learning First Aid for Dogs.

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