Published: 17 June 2017

We chose our top ten dogs on TV recently and we thought we’d give those on the big screen a shout out too. Here’s our top ten movies where the dogs are the stars! text: Beethoven)
Beethoven is literally the biggest star in our list! This film features the lovable St Bernard finding a home and demonstrating his appreciation for classical music. The happy ending shows Beethoven joined by lots of poochie pals who have all been rescued from the baddies.

Turner and Hooch
Every successful policeman needs a canine sidekick, and Tom Hanks’ character Turner is lucky enough to be paired up with Hooch. Sadly, despite a successful adventure together, poor Hooch does not have a happy ending. Hankies at the ready! text: Marley and Me)
And keep those hankies at your side for this one! Marley and Me is based on a true story about how Marley joins a couple and helps them to understand what it’s like to be a parent, as well as cope with other life events.

Lady and the Tramp
These cartoon lovers are iconic; who can forget that spaghetti-eating scene? This film features a whole host of wonderful dogs, and some great songs as well. What’s not to love? text: Toto from The Wizard of Oz)
He may not be in the title of the film, but he’s a key part of this iconic film. The actor was called Terry - a female dog who appeared in 16 films altogether, so definitely a proper film star!

We had to feature the Lassie films as there were 10 in all, with the first released in 1943 and the most recent in 2005. Of course, Lassie was also popular on the small screen as well so, one way or another, Lassie had to feature in our top ten!

Slinky from Toy Story
Slinky is the ultimate best friend, supporting Woody and the other toys on their adventures. He’s helpful, happy and we love him.

101 Dalmatians
So here you get a lot more stars for your money! Although we meet Pongo and Perdita first, we later get to know their pups as well as a supporting cast of other heroic dogs and animals. A classic that stands the test of time.

The Fox and the Hound
A great friendship story with Copper - the “hound” - demonstrating the steadfast loyalty that dogs are renowned for. text: Best in Show)
We had to feature this film, despite it being somewhat different to the other movies in our list. We love the way the human characters have similar characteristics to their dog-friends. Plus the canine stars are all actual competition winners, so you know you’re watching some pedigree pooches!

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